Are You Networking The Right Way?

Horses Stable offers a funding platform whilst delivers overabundance of opportunities to the investors too. The premise of the show talks about how an entrepreneur pitches the idea in front of a panel of investors and if the idea hits straight in the gut, voila, the entrepreneur can grab the top-notch investment.

But what happens to those who end up basking nothing in their kitty?

Investments can give you a huge boost up. Platforms like Horses Stable can escalate your entrepreneurial career by giving you the right kind of resources and guidance. Resources and guidance need not only be in the form of monetary support but can be a network too. More than the investments that an entrepreneur drives home, it is the network he earned on his journey which implies the most. The show lets you connect to people who have years of expertise and a celebrated name for themselves in the industry.

Curating the perks from the show and consolidating them in the business culture that follows around the globe, networking has a special place of its own in the practices correlated with the business industry. Before reaching out to the various aspects of networking, it’s good to have an apt terminology and understanding of what the said entity is.

What is networking in the entrepreneurial culture?

It is the method of forming relationships with other investors, customers, and clients which is based on the foundation of mutual benefits to both the parties involved. It lets you endorse your business and helps establish potential investments for your idea.

What are the privileges that networking can reap for you?

Having the right kind of skill and execution can earn you an exclusive implementation of your model but the right kind of network can make it reach out to the exact customer base.
As obvious from the name, it can also help you connect with people around who might not be just ready to invest in your current model but can end up giving you referrals that might assist you to shoot up your game on a great level. Even if the potential client might be disinterested at the moment, you never know when you both might turn out to be on the same page in the future.
The best way to learn and grow your business is to meet and connect with people and imbibe their techniques to your own to get a powerful integrated skill set that can empower your own business. Amidst every person you meet on your way, you end up scoring a value whether it is learning from their failure stories or their success songs.
With more and more entrepreneurs shaping their way into networking with other people in the industry, it becomes equally important to identify if it is being done in the right way. You might be spending hours socializing but it might not taste the desired results.

That is why the question: Are you networking the right way?

Of course, there can never be a set of defined rules by which networking plays but it can highlight a few pointers that focus on eliminating the ones which are doing nothing but wasting your time and combing a few in which can compose a great impact on your network.
We all seek value for our own business and try to grasp the most amazing ones. It is human to aspire for great additions to your model but what kind of value do you bring to the other person. Remember for a fact that no one is in here for charity. As you network your way in to be at the top level of the game, realize to bring a value of your own to the plate.
Networking events and mixers aren’t uncommon these days. It’s great to turn up at such events and meet new people who have the same vision as yours. But a routine and redundant practice of turning up at the same kind of events can plant the seed of nothingness. A sharp mind can lead you a long way. Analyze if a certain mixer is helping you out.
Do not get too comfortable trying to gel up with the same kind of people. Versatility can inch you a step higher to success.
You need to keep a sharp eye on that one connection that can help you bank the best possible investment instead of the ones who are only interested in boasting about their great numbers. Be wise enough to know if someone is taking you up for a ride. Be ethical but smart!

Business networking isn’t a child’s play. With the trends showing variations each day, it becomes important to do it the right way.




this is chinmaya from youtube. flow state + inner peace ⚡️

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Chinmayanarayan Soori

Chinmayanarayan Soori

this is chinmaya from youtube. flow state + inner peace ⚡️

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